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Express Rights in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia defines and protects rights in two different ways: through express rights and through implied rights. Express rights are sometimes called specific rights or entrenched rights. As the name suggests, express rights are clearly expressed or outlined in the text of the Constitution. They are clear, concrete and can only be removed by changing the wording of the Constitution. Implied rights, as their name suggests, are not clearly expressed in the words of the Constitution, however are nevertheless suggested or inferred by them. While express constitutional rights are apparent to everyone, implied rights are derived from the rulings and constitutional interpretation of the High Court.

There are five express rights contained in the Constitution. The information sheet below covers these five express rights.

>> View the five express rights

Resource Sheet - "What is child abuse and neglect?" 

The Resource Sheet - "What is child absue and neglect?" (from the The Australian Government - Australian Institute of Family Studies - Child Family Community Australia - September 2015) can be used when teaching the HSC Legal Studies Family topic (care and protection of children).

>> View the resource sheet

Interview with Deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen SC

Deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen SC is interviewed about the crime of sexual assault, consent and juries on "Mark Latham's Outsiders" (16 August 2017). The interview with Margaret Cunneen starts at 44 minutes and 53 seconds on the video.

>> Watch the interview here

Video – Wesley Impact! TV Interview with a victim of crime - Louisa Hope, Sydney Lindt Café siege survivor

Louisa Hope walked into the Lindt Café to meet her mother for a coffee. As they were having their drinks, a gunman walked in and from that point on Louisa's life would never be the same. Since then, Louisa has forgiven the gunman and started a foundation called the Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses at Prince of Wales hospital.

>> Watch the interview here

Teaching the Consumers Option in HSC Legal Studies?  Do you need information on the latest national credit legislation?

There is a useful section on ASIC’S Moneysmart  website – “Consumer credit regulation”.

There is also information on the latest credit legislation in "Hot Topics 72 (2010) – Consumer Credit".

Videos – How laws are made

How Laws are Made, presented as two 10-minute films: Parliament and Courts, provides an overview of where Australian laws come from and how new laws are made. It is aimed at non-lawyers including public librarians, the education sector and legal assistance agencies.

>> Watch the videos here

Video - Justice Journey - Information for victims of crime about going to court in NSW

This video  has been developed to assist victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system in NSW. It follows three victims of crime as they report the crime, give evidence in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, through to the final decision of the court and sentencing of the offender. It includes the following sections:

- Introduction
- Before you get to court
- Overview of the court system
- The Local Court
- Preparing for the hearing
- In the courtroom
- Your time at court
- Giving evidence
- The verdict
- Sentencing

>> Watch the video here