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Bullseye Economics Poster

This poster shows occupations related to the learning area of Economics.

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UBS HSC Economics Website

The UBS HSC Economics Website is designed to supplement classroom learning of the final year NSW Economics curriculum.
The site provides regular and timely interactive web-based videos (webcasts), economics in depth analysis (economics notes) and other current economic and market data and tools to aid you in your studies. In addition, the site delivers useful tips on how to study, understand and use economic data.

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Australian Government – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade “Trade Talk” e-newsletter

Trade Talk is a free  e-newsletter published by the Australian Government – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It brings you the latest trade news from Australia and overseas.

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The Sydney Morning Herald profile on Economist - Besa Deda

Besa Deda says: ''It's the dream job. I like the variety in economics; markets are always changing. I can't imagine doing anything else.''

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Women in Economics Network

The Women in Economics Network (WEN) is linked to the Economic Society of Australia. It has been formed to promote and support the careers of female economists in Australia.

The objectives for the Women in Economics Network are to:

  • professionally connect and support the career development of women in economics
  • increase the representation of women at all levels of the economics profession
  • promote public contributions by female economists.

>> More information about the Women in Economics Network

Teaching Economics for Fearless Girls

EBE NSW Director, Wendy Mockler Giles was 2017 recipient of the NSW Premiers' Reserve Bank of Australia Scholarship for Economics. 

>> More information is available in the newspaper article, "Teacher's push for more women in economics" (Merimbula News, 1 August 2017).

Wendy's research questions:

  • What frames good economics pedagogy?
  • How can economics teachers develop Assessment for Learning (AfL) that engages, informs and enhances the learning process for female students in senior economics?
  • How can organisations and government institutions support economics teachers’ knowledge and training?
  • What models of advocacy for women in economics are working?

>> View Wendy Mockler's website ("Teaching Economics for Fearless Girls"), based on the scholarship, here:

Ross Gittins 

Ross Gittins is the Economics Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald and has presented at EBE NSW conferences. 

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