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   EBE NSW Professional Development Event - 2017 EBE NSW Legal Update Conference - 28 November 2017: Further details here
   Latest issue of The EBE Journal - Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW (Issue 1 - 2017) available here

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Economics and Business Educators 2017 Events Calendar

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EBE NSW Professional Development Event - 2017 EBE NSW Legal Update Conference

Date: Tuesday 28 November 2017
Time: 8.50am - 4.00pm
Venue: NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney
NESA endorsed?: Yes

Update and deepen your knowledge in relation to the legal issues in the Legal Studies and Commerce syllabuses by hearing from experts in the legal world and legal educators.
Session Presenters:

  • Judge Roger Dive – Senior Judge, Drug Court of NSW
  • Kellie Britnell – Program Manager for Outreach and Education at the Office of the eSafety Commissioner
  • Father Chris Riley AM – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Youth Off the Streets
  • Liz Mackinlay, Chair of Mary’s House Board & Maggy Farago, Executive Officer, Mary’s House (a refuge in the Lower North Shore of Sydney)
  • Daniela Giorgi, Senior Education Officer, Parliament of NSW
  • Ken Marslew AM JP AFAIM – Chief Executive Officer, Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc

>> Further details and registration form

NESA Syllabus Development Process Consultation

Tell NESA what you think about the way they develop Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Commerce syllabuses

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is reviewing processes to deliver more streamlined syllabus development models.

A survey seeking feedback is open for all stakeholders including members of teacher associations.

This survey focuses on reviewing stakeholder engagement with the current NESA syllabus development processes including:

  • previous engagement with syllabus development processes
  • methods of feedback and consultation
  • stakeholder expectations of NESA when responding to feedback.

The results will be used to inform future decision making about the processes NESA uses to develop syllabuses.

Teachers are the end users of syllabuses in the classroom - members of Economics and Business Educators NSW are encouraged to have their say.

The survey closes Sunday 10 December 2017.

2017 VCTA Comview Conference

Comview is the annual conference of the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA). The program includes presentations and workshops to update business teachers' knowledge of their subject disciplines, provides classroom strategies and activities to assist in improving student outcomes, and facilitates forums for discussion and debate in business education. The 2017 Victorian Commercial Teachers Association Comview Conference will be held on 27 and 28 November 2017 at Victoria University (300 Flinders Street, Melbourne).

EBE NSW members are able to pay the "BEA affiliate member (interstate)" conference fee.

>> More information here

EBE NSW 2017 Annual General Meeting

EBE NSW  will hold its 2017 Annual General Meeting on 11 December 2017. All EBE NSW members are welcome and eligible to attend.

EBE NSW members interested in being nominated to be a member of the EBE NSW Board of Directors need to submit their nomination form by 24 November 2017. Teachers involved in the teaching of one or more of the NSW Education Standards Authority courses EBE NSW represents and supports (Business Studies, Commerce, Economics and Legal Studies), as well as academics involved in the teaching of this subject matter, are welcome to nominate. More information about the position of an EBE NSW Director is available in the letter below by Joe Alvaro, EBE NSW President.

Please find below the following documents relating to the 2017 EBE NSW Annual General Meeting (these documents have been posted to members):

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding the 2017 EBE NSW AGM. Send an email to

EBE Journal Issue 1 2017Latest issue of “The EBE Journal - Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW” (Issue 1, 2017) now available

The latest issue of The EBE Journal - Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW  (Issue 1 — 2017) is now available in the members section of the website. EBE members must login to access the latest EBE Journal. Past issues of "The EBE Journal" are also in the members section.


  • President’s Report - Joe Alvaro
  • EBE NSW News
  • Studying Economics: The Decline in Enrolments and Why it Matters - Jacqui Dwyer
  • Economics on decline but can be rescued - Tony Kuc
  • Pitch Perfect: Engaging Business Studies Students in the Art of Marketing Campaigns - Ben Andersen
  • Problem Based Learning with Preliminary Economics Students - Elly Klappas
  • Setting up students for success: The importance of the first Preliminary Assessment Task in Business Studies - Jay Short
  • Indigenous Economics: A School Developed Option for Stage 5 Commerce Course - Wendy Mockler-Giles
  • Your 2018 Business Studies and Commerce Students are invited to enter the Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition
  • PYOE Competition – Waffles on Wheels - Sarah Matthias
  • Girls take out top spot in the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game 1 2017 - Amanda Mior
  • Women are dropping out of economics, which means men are running our economy - Danielle Wood
  • Student2Student - Women in Economics: A Rare Species? - Ana Ali
  • Revealed: The hidden problem of economic abuse in Australia - Jozica Kutin, Mike Reid and Roslyn Russell
  • Business Case Studies in Global Expansion - Ben Andersen
  • Focus on the Why - Wendy Mockler-Giles
  • Using student reflections to improve their writing in the Commerce Political Involvement Topic - Bernadette Henry and Katrina McLean-Smith
  • Stage 5 Commerce Tactical Teaching Activity Reflection - Bernadette Henry and Katrina McLean-Smith
  • 2016 HSC Economics Examination: Unpacking the Question 20 of the Mulitiple Choice Question Section - Mai Ni Pham

Back issues of the "The EBE Journal - Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW" are also available in the members section of this website and contain useful teaching and learning resources.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) National Financial Literacy Strategy Consultation 2017

The National Financial Literacy Strategy sets out a plan to strengthen the financial capabilities of all Australians with the aim of improving financial outcomes.

A key feature of the National Strategy is collaboration across different sectors, including government agencies, community organisations, the education sector and financial services firms. ASIC is leading a public consultation process to shape the National Strategy from 2018 and is seeking feedback on a number of issues including:

  • updating the language of the National Strategy from 'financial literacy' to 'financial capability' to reflect a growing focus on behaviours that support better financial outcomes;
  • expanding the priority audiences identified under the National Strategy, for example to include people with disability (and their families or carers) who are navigating choices and options under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or people in newly arrived communities who are attempting to understand and access financial services; 
  • broadening stakeholder reach and engagement with the National Strategy, including through the use of new technologies and;
  • improving research, measurement and evaluation.

EBE NSW members are encouraged to give their feedback to ASIC re the consultation paper.

>> Download the consultation paper

Responses can be made via an online survey or by email to

EBE NSW will also be making a submission as the peak teacher association in NSW for teachers of financial literacy. Please send your comments to

This is a good opportunity to voice the importance of quality teaching and learning of financial literacy in schools, amongst other matters.

Note that the closing date for submissions has now been extended by two weeks, to Friday 1 December 2017.

"Financial literacy is equivalent to reading and writing. It's not possible to participate effectively in today's society without it."
- Annamaria Lusardi - Financial Economist

Professional Teachers' Council NSW Media Release - "Celebration of Excellence" (27 October 2017)

EBE NSW congratulates all the recipients of the 2017 Professional Teachers' Council NSW Outstanding Professional Service Awards and the 2017 Professional Teachers' Council NSW Outstanding Beginning Teacher Awards. Congratulations to EBE NSW Director Nicholas Ward who has received a 2017 Professional Teachers' Council NSW Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award.

Compass: The Staffroom - Part 1, Part 2 and and Part 3 (ABC Television) has received the 2017 Professional Teachers' Council NSW Media Award.

>> Full details in  the Professional Teachers' Council NSW Media Release - Celebration of Excellence (27 October 2017) which can be accessed here.

2017 CPA Australia Plan Your Own Enterprise (PYOE) Competition

The CPA Australia Plan Your Own Enterprise competition encourages secondary school students to apply their business education to a real life scenario.

Working individually or in small groups, participants are asked to devise a creative enterprise idea and submit a business plan, explaining how their great idea could become a profitable business.

For teachers, the competition is a valuable tool to enhance the business education curriculum. For students, it helps to build valuable work and life skills.

CPA Australia partners with Business Educators Australasia to support teachers in developing the next generation of business leaders. Accounting is more than number crunching - the competition requires business insight, practical financial skills and a creative flair for problem solving - all of which are hallmarks of the CPA designation.

Economics and Business Educators NSW runs the competition in NSW.

To enter, students need to devise a creative enterprise idea and submit a 3000 word business plan, explaining how their great idea could become a profitable business.  The competition has two divisions with fantastic prizes up for grabs:

  • Division one – Open to individual student entries, submitted by students of any age, attending a registered secondary school.
  • Division two – Group entries (maximum of six students), submitted by students of any age, attending a registered secondary school.

NSW entries are due by Friday 1 September 2017 (Term 3, Week 7). These will be marked, and finalists in both divisions will be invited to the NSW Awards Ceremony. At this awards ceremony, the winner in each division will be announced. The NSW Division One winner will receive an iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB (valued at $579)​. Certificates and other prizes will also be awarded.

The Division One winner will then be flown to Melbourne for the National Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 10 October 2017. They will join the Division One finalists from the other states and territories of Australia. The Division One finalists will be required to personally present their plan to a panel of judges. The national Division One winner will be announced at the National Awards Ceremony.

This competition can be incorporated into assessment tasks for both Commerce (Option 11: Running a Business) and Year 11 Business Studies (Topic: Business planning). Click here for a sample assessment task. Email EBE NSW if you would like a Microsoft Word version of the sample assessment task.

All students who enter the competition will receive a Certificate of Participation for their job portfolios.

>> 2017 PYOE competition brochure

>>Tips for creating a winning plan

>> See the article available to EBE NSW members -  “Student2Student: How to Overcome the Pitfalls of Business Planning" by Sarah Matthias (Division 1 Winner of CPA Australia Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition 2016) in “The EBE Journal – Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW” – Issue 2, 2016

Tax, Super + You Competition for students in Years 7-10

Are you a high school student in Year 7 – 10? Are you creative genius who can create an innovative way to generate buzz about tax and super? You are?! Great – this competition sounds perfect for you!

You are invited to think outside the box and pitch your ideas on how you would tell your friends about the value of tax and super in the community. You can Write It, Make It or Film It. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a tax guru to take part! You will not only get an insight into the value of tax and super, but you could also have the chance to win a share of $4,000 in prizes! Your creative idea could even be used in a national campaign.

Entries close on Friday 3 November 2017.

Suggested topics include:

  • Taxes collected are used to help your local sports grounds, parks and recreation centres.
  • Taxes are used to help the community meet the cost of healthcare.
  • The more super you save now will allow you to live comfortably in retirement later.
  • You can choose how actively you would like to be involved in your super account:
    • You can use a super fund or set up a self-managed super fund.
    • You can pay more into you super, access government contributions and other benefits.

>> Further information

2017 ASX Schools Sharemarket Game (Game 2 begins on 17 August 2017)

While you teach your students about investing and the Sharemarket, they can put into practice what they are learning by playing the Sharemarket Game. Students receive a virtual $50,000 they can invest over a 10 week period, in 200 companies listed on the ASX. The prices students buy and sell at are the same prices as they would get in the live market so this is as close to real life share trading as you can get.

As a result of playing the Game your students will:

  • Develop their knowledge of the sharemarket.
  • Learn how to research companies.
  • Discover the importance of wise investment decisions.
  • Gain a greater knowledge of economic and world events.
  • Begin to learn more about investing which is beneficial for their future.

>> Registrations open for Game 2 - 2017 : 20 July 2017
>> Game 2 dates: 17 August 2017 - 25 October 2017

There are teacher lesson plans and resources available once you register for the Game. If you would like to access the resources prior to registrations opening, please request via

There are reports about past winners (including strategies they used when playing the game)  in past editions of The EBE Journal - Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW. Economics and Business Educators NSW members can access the journals through the members section of the EBE NSW website.

>> Further information

Financial Basics Foundation 2017 Suncorp ESSI Money Challenge

Real world game delivers vital skills in Economics, Business Studies and Commerce classrooms

* Fun meets finance *

ESSI Money is an interactive online game which delivers an innovative environment for students to understand the fundamentals of Earning, Saving, Spending and Investing – ESSI.

The game is one of many free resources developed by Australian not for profit, Financial Basics Foundation.  Supported by the Foundation’s partnership with Suncorp, ESSI Money has been updated to v2.0 and is now available for use in your classroom.

Teachers who have used ESSI Money in the past will find that ESSI Money v2.0 retains all significant functions of the original game, but with new content and a totally updated appearance.

ESSI Money supports students to practise real life financial transactions and experience the consequences in a safe, fun and challenging way. Students explore the concepts of earning, saving, spending and investing through a series of apps. They are able to replicate real life transactions such as banking, budgeting, online shopping, buying and selling shares, and using credit.

Students are encouraged to strategise and reflect on decisions made during the game by setting goals, creating a budget and recording regular diary entries.

Teachers have access to rich reporting data that allows them to monitor class game play and to support individual student progress and learning throughout the game.

Membership of the Financial Basics Foundation is free for all Australian secondary school teachers. To register as a member or find more information on ESSI Money and other resources, visit the website.

Chartered Accountants Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund has been established to assist marginalized and disadvantaged Australians pursue tertiary education through an undergraduate university course with an accounting focus.  These scholarships are being offered by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and an individual may make application for a grant.  Applications for the March 2018 university year will open on the 4th December 2017 and close on the 15th January 2018.  The scholarship grant is for the 2018 University year.

>> More information on the Scholarship Fund

Contact Pamela Lee, Community Investment Relationship Manager either by email: or by phone: (02) 9290 5658 for further information.

If your're a teacher it pays to learn what you can claim at tax time

The Australian Taxation Office has published a document titled,"If your're a teacher it pays to learn what you can claim at tax time". Read the document here.

2017 EBE NSW Trial HSC Examinations order form available 

The order form for the 2017 EBE NSW Trial HSC Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies examination papers is now available. Relevant past papers are also available for purchase. The examination papers have been designed by EBE Directors and include suggested answers and marking guidelines. Special discount prices apply to members of EBE NSW.

>> Order form for 2017 EBE NSW Trial HSC examination papers

Article about the 2016 EBE NSW Legal Update Conference

The article "Legals enthrall delegates at EBE NSW event" by Sarah Duggan - 1 February 2017 (about the 2016 EBE NSW Legal Update Conference) is available here.

EBE NSW 2017 Membership

2017 membership forms for new members are now available in the "Membership" section of the EBE NSW website. Membership renewal forms for existing members have been posted. Please contact the EBE NSW Office if you have not received a membership renewal form.

Membership categories include:

* Individual
* Individual (with Remote Rebate)
* School/Library
* Business/Corporate
* Concessional (for casual/temporary teachers, retired teachers and student teachers)

Please note - your membership fee may be tax deductible.

Click here for EBE NSW membership benefits.

2016 EBE NSW CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition NSW Awards Ceremony – 5 October 2016

2016 PYOE NSW  Awards Ceremony

EBE NSW  recognized the Plan Your Own Enterprise (PYOE) NSW winners at the annual  NSW awards ceremony on 5 October 2016 at the Sydney office of CPA Australia together with Mr Joshua Ang, Relationship Manager – Education and Business Development, CPA Australia. At the ceremony, prizes and certificates were awarded to the NSW student winners and their schools. Parents were in attendance as well to celebrate the success of their child, as well as teachers. Congratulations to the following winners and their teachers from NSW:

  • Division 1 (Individual entry) – Sarah Matthias from Loreto Normanhurst for her business plan “Waffles on Wheels” (Teacher: Mr Matt Kohlhagen)
  • Division 2 (Group entry) – Ashna Kapoor, Anna Michael and Ashley Oliver-Sjahry from MLC School Burwood for their business plan “ZIPCharge” (Teacher: Ms Allison McCulloch). 

2016 PYOE NSW Division One winner, Sarah Matthias (centre) at the 2016 PYOE NSW Awards Ceremony with EBE NSW President, Joe Alvaro (left) and Joshua Ang, Relationship Manager – Education and Business Development, CPA Australia (right)

2016 PYOE NSW Division Two winners at the 2016 NSW Awards Ceremony – From left - Ashley Oliver-Sjahry (Division Two Winner), EBE NSW President, Joe Alvaro, Anna Michael (Division Two Winner), Teacher of Division Two Winners – Allison McCulloch and Joshua Ang, Relationship Manager – Education and Business Development, CPA Australia (far right)
Absent: Ashna Kapoor (Division Two Winner)

Thank you to all the students who entered the competition this year and the teachers who inspired and encouraged their students to enter this prestigious competition. Each student who participated received a Certificate of Participation signed by Mr Graeme Wade FCPA, President CPA Australia and Mr Tony Kuc, President Business Educators Australasia.

Thank you to the students, their families and teachers for attending the presentation at the CPA Sydney Head Office.

Thank you to our EBE NSW Director, Nicholas Ward, for taking on the role of PYOE NSW Coordinator this year and for all his time and effort in ensuring the competition in NSW was a success.
EBE NSW also thanks Business Educators Australasia and CPA Australia for their continuing support of this competition.

Congratulations to all the winners. Be sure to incorporate the PYOE competition into your Commerce and/or Business Studies teaching and learning program in 2016.

PYOE NSW finalists at the 2016 EBE NSW CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition NSW Awards Ceremony – 5 October 2016

2016 PYOE NSW Competition Finalists

Division One

ABCD Sitting and Boarding
Alexandra White
Illawarra Christian School, Mrs. Brennan

Bread and Butter Bus

Danica Em
Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Mr. Nikolovski

Break It Up
Tuong-Anh Chu
Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Mr. Nikolovski

Inbound Greyhounds
Nicholas Borovik
St Patrick's Marist College, Dundas, Mr. Moussa

Stitch and Tie
Christopher Trinh
Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Mr. Nikolovski

Kim Nguyen
Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Mr. Nikolovski

Faith Felipe
Loreto Normanhurst, Mr. Kohlhagen

The Helping Hand Café
Annie Xiao
Tara Anglican School for Girls, Mr. Swainson

The Little Runner
Phoebe Smith
St Francis Xavier’s College, Ms White

Waffles on Wheels
Sarah Matthias
Loreto Normanhurst, Mr. Kohlhagen

Division Two

Jack Bucknell, Edward Collard, & Oliver Dixon
Sydney Church of England Grammar School (SHORE), Mr Ronald

Hello Box
Nicole Healey, Josie Lam, & Jennifer Tang
MLC School, Mr Condoleon

Valavan Chanthiran, Aland Goran, Leo Li, & Carter Opperman
Sydney Boys High School, Mr Dolan

Wow Towel
Olivia Attenborough-Doyle, Cameron Bartrim, Gemma Borra, & Jordan Ristuccia
Tweed River High School, Mr Lambert and Ms Perkins

Ashna Kapoor, Anna Michael, & Ashley Oliver-Sjahry
MLC School, Ms McCulloch

NSW Division 1 Winner successful at the 2016 CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition National Awards Ceremony – 13 October 2016

The Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition NSW Division 1 winner, Sarah Matthias, represented NSW at the national PYOE awards ceremony in Melbourne on 13 October 2016 held by Business Educators Australasia. Sarah was flown to Melbourne for the national awards ceremony and joined the division one finalists from the other states and territories of Australia. Sarah was successful in being the national Division 1 winner. Well done to Sarah on this significant achievement at a national level.

The Division 2 winner at the national level was won by James He and Anthony Vanderkop from The Hutchins School, Tasmania for their business plan, “Swavoury Crepes”.

EBE NSW congratulates the 2016 PYOE national winners.

 Sarah Matthias, National 2016 PYOE  Division 1 winner (left) receiving her award from CPA Australia’s Jesse Moors (right)

ACARA releases Economics and Business Curriculum 

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released the Australian Curriculum for Economics and Business describing it as ‘available for use’, pending approval post the Australian Governments current Review of the Australian Curriculum. The Executive Committees of EBE NSW and Business Educators Australasia have both submitted responses to the review, seeing it as an opportunity to restate key issues raised by members during the consultation on the draft curriculum in 2013. The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW has not yet revealed its planning in relation to HSIE K- 6, Commerce 7 - 10 or Stage 6 Economics and Business Studies in NSW schools, other than restating that schools should follow the current syllabuses.